Trinacria Service provides customers with the most reliable, performant and safest four or two wheelers in their categories, easily rentable with flexible payment terms, without credit card. The holiday will become convenient and exciting at every stage of visiting and transferring, thanks to cars and motorcycles of the latest generation. We offer cars which are perfect for all kinds of needs, types of excursions and driving skills. With the efficient and modern 125 horsepower scooters you’ll be able to dribble traffic and park anywhere. With the spacious and dynamic cars of all categories, instead, you may travel in great comfort with family and luggage in tow.

Only renting a car or a scooter allows for complete freedom of movement and unique customization of your own vacation. With the Trinacria Service cars, you can explore the coast at your leisure. You may also decide how to plan your holiday without external constraints, with the possibility of organizing excursions near the sea or independently visiting places of tourist interest,

when you see fit. With our 24/7 service, you may decide when to rent and for how long, for attractive prices, with delivery and pickup directly at the hotel or guest house where you are staying or at the airport.

By choosing Trinacria, you will ensure yourselves the comfort of a readily available car for your needs without having to contact other companies and getting lost in lengthy negotiations. We guarantee the most competitive prices in the industry, and offer maximum flexibility for payments, so that you can complete the rent also without a credit card. Guests without card or who’d rather prefer not to use it can also pay by bank transfer or cash directly when taking the car at the airport or hotel.