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From the Greeks to the Arabs, it is a succession of cultures and knowledge, Sicily now shows herself to our very eyes with a thousand faces and facets. Antiquity and traditions, art and history, literature and food are the thousand aspects which surround our land.

Must-see of the site is the beautiful Tuna-fishing zone of Scopello, an ancient Sailor’s town and a famous touristic bathing center, famous for its scallops
which formed due to the extraordinary erosive effect of the sea, distinguished by their strong rock vegetation and by the prickly figs which cover their top, and on which nest gulls and black shrill jackdaws nidificate.

Segesta: The old city is located on Mount Barbaro, in the municipality of Calatafimi Segesta, about ten kilometers from Castellammare del Golfo.

Of particular beauty are the temple, in Doric style, and the theater, partly dug into the rock of the hill.





Erice : The town is situated on the summit of a mountain

With its fortifications and narrow streets perched atop high cliffs, 750 m. above sea level, Erice is located in a splendid panoramic position, the city has established itself as one of the main tourist destinations in Sicily.

Erice hosts more than sixty churches, some of which are architectural documents of great value and precious historical heritage: among them we can find the churches of St. Martin, San Cataldo, San Giuliano, San Giovanni Battista.



Trapani: The city of salt and sailing, it is a town of 70,638 inhabitants, and the capital of the province.

It has developed over time a thriving economic activity linked to the extraction and trade of salt,

taking advantage of its natural position, projected on the Mediterranean, and of its famous port which in ancient times served as commercial access to the more famous Eryx (modern Erice)
located on the mountain overlooking Trapani.





Palermo: The capital of Sicily is a historic city, culturally the richest of all Italy and the former crossroads of major civilizations of the past.

It was born from the communion of the greatest cultures of the Mediterranean basin. Many of the oldest buildings of the old town date back to the periodwhen Sicily was under Norman Kingdom, despite the clear Arabic, Byzantine and Spanish influences.


Significant examples are the Cathedral (1169-1185), the Palatine Chapel (1140) and the Church of St. John of the Hermits (1132). Palermo was in fact an important Arab Emirate, becoming one of the most important cities in Europe in the twelfth century under the Normans. Its history and geographical location make it a city of extraordinary charm.

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